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Advance Land and Timber offers buyer's representation and assistance when purchasing hunting, farmland, timberland or investment land in Alabama.

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Forested hills, smooth farmland and unforgettable beaches are all for sale in Alabama. Whether you’re a native of this popular state for vacation and economy or looking to invest in another state, discover all the benefits of investing in land for sale Alabama. Start your journey to owning valuable land in your ideal location in Alabama with Advance Land and Timber.

Land for Sale Alabama

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If you’re ready to invest in Alabama land for your commercial, farming, or vacation property, contact us today or browse our online listing of land.We can help you navigate the various pros and cons, find the right property for your needs and enjoy a hassle-free closing at the best prices around.

Alabama Land for Sale Opportunities

Farm Land

Farming is an excellent use of your land in Alabama. The climate allows for a range of crops to be produced commercially, and the mild winters allow you to raise animals without building costly barns and shelters to protect them from the cold. Whether you farm the land yourself or lease it out to a commercial farming operation, you’ll find farmable land from a few acres to hundreds of acres.

Whether you want a few acres for a personal farm or an expansive commercial operation, our team can help you identify the right land for your needs. Purchase a farm that has already been plowed and planted in the past, or select a vacant piece of land for a more entrepreneurial investment.

Commercial Development Opportunities

Alabama has a whole host of commercial opportunities available for commercial real estate investors. Find land near the bustling cities of Montgomery, Mobile, Birmingham or Huntsville to build an apartment complex or commercial building for lease. Develop land in the countryside for your dream home or small business.

Because of the main highways, such as I20, I22, I59, I65 and I85, properties all throughout the state have access to interstate travel. Commuters from Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida can all pass by your business daily. Our team can help you find the best location for your commercial interests. Once you’ve identified your commercial interests in Alabama, we’ll help you find the perfect location for a dynamic, new development opportunity.

Hunting Lands

Whether you’re considering renting out a vacation home, building a second home or finding hunt land in Alabama, you’ll find picturesque views and cozy getaways all across the state.

Hunters will love the diverse range of landscape to hunt deer, turkey, feral hogs or waterfowl throughout the state. Licensed hunters can enjoy a thrilling weekend hunting on their own property or lease out popular hunting spots for vacationers to enjoy.

Invest in Timber

Timberland in Alabama can be a great investment. One of the greatest advantages of investing in timberland is that you don’t need to be located near the property to enjoy the income. Search for quality hardwoods like oak, pine, hickory, pecan or sugarberry for maximum profits and sustainable investment opportunities.

There are many factors that determine the quality and value of your timberland. From tree height and diameter to species and current market value, you’ll need a professional team to help you find the best property that ensures a long-lasting investment that balances economic benefits and environmental sustainability.

At Advance Land and Timber, our team is experienced in finding quality timberland investment properties. We can assist you in identifying the best return-on-investment, and you can contact a local forester to assess the value of your new property. To get the most value of timberland, skilled foresters carefully manage your property to ensure sustainable growth, protection of wildlife and a successful, long-term investment.

Timber land for sale in Alabama

Hunting Land for Sale Alabama

Why Invest in Alabama Land?

Alabama is home to far more than warm weather and red clay. This proud state is also home to a wide variety of landscapes, a competitive climate for growing crops and beautifully diverse hardwoods, animals and views make land in Alabama a compelling option for investors.

Investing in Alabama means investing in appreciated property. Whether you’re looking for timberland for sale Alabama or a property eligible for development, land throughout the state is expected to appreciate in value. Even if you don’t choose to develop or farm your land, you’ll still enjoy a safe investment.

Land in southern Alabama is home to beautiful beaches that can rival any found in Florida or California. As you travel north, you’ll find property in close proximity to major highways, large metropolitan areas and farmland capable of commercial farming or hobby farms.